Chile – Alzar School’s Second Home

At 4270 km (2653 mi) long from North to South, and only 177km (110 mi) at its widest point, Chile is both rugged and beautiful.  The Andes are the  longest continental mountain range in the world, home to 36 active volcanos.  Explore the world's driest desert, camp under giant araucaria trees, surf on Pacific ocean waves, and choose between 100+ whitewater rivers.  Dance cueca, test your Spanish, learn why this is "where the world ends."  Chile is the Alzar School's second home.

Four in a Row Puelo

Alzar School students on one of the many turquoise rivers in Patagonia, the Rio Puelo.

The Alzar School has been leading student expeditions to Chile since 2007.  The "long, skinny country" is an incredible venue for testing leadership skills, both in an outdoor setting and in cultural exchanges.  Students explore rivers such as the Rio Ñuble, Rio Fuy, and Rio Baker via hardshell kayak and rafts.  They also backpack in the stunning Andes mountains, navigating in world class destinations like Cochamo and Patagonia National Park.

Ines Cueca

Inés (right) dancing cueca, Chile's national dance.

Since 2008, the Alzar School has been steadfast in providing true cultural exchange opportunities for our students.  Each semester, at least one Chilean student participates in the semester, living and studying with the entire student body in Idaho, as well as traveling around Chile with the group.  All students have the chance to use their Spanish daily with native speakers, immersing themselves in the culture.

"As the end of the trip neared, my sadness for leaving Chile grew more and more.  I would say that the most memorable moment of the trip was last night’s asado. When we arrived at the home of Agustin (my Chilean classmate), it felt like we had known his family for years.  At that moment, I completely understood why people were addicted to visiting this country. Not only are the rivers and mountains of Chile amazing, but the people are also incredible.  I look forward to coming back in the near future."

- Robert, Alzar School alum

While in Chile, students split their time camping on wilderness expeditions and living in cabanas in small villages, where we resume more traditional classes.  The Alzar School teachers accompany students to Chile, continuing our rigorous academics so student's don't miss a beat.  The opportunity for students to discover their leadership in Chile is truly a transformative experience.

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