Semester Program

About the Semester Program Video Transcript


During the Alzar School's semester program, students will tackle all of their traditional classes from their regular schools, all taught at the honors or Advanced Placement level. If students are taking a course that the Alzar School does not offer, we may be able to work with them to complete it as an independent study. All students will take one semester credit for math, science, history, English, Spanish, as well as semester elective credits in leadership and physical education.

The Alzar School offers:

  • Math – Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry/Analysis of Functions, and Calculus AB
  • Science – Chemistry, AP Physics, Biology and AP Environmental Science
  • History – AP World History and AP US History
  • English – Composition and Literature
  • Foreign Language – Spanish (all levels)
  • Leadership – An intensive course unique to Alzar School, required of all students
  • Physical Education - elective course in Outdoor Adventure Activity
Outdoor Program

During a semester at the Alzar School, students regularly set foot in our outdoor classroom. Our campus is located on the North Fork of the Payette River, 2 miles downstream of the world-class Kelly’s Whitewater Park and 7 miles upstream of the Class II-III Cabarton Section. Students will live within an hour of two ski resorts, where they can carve through some of Idaho’s great powder. Students will also spend an extended period of time in the Chilean Andes, where they will backpack, kayak, raft, climb, surf, and more. While at the Alzar School, students can expect to experience the outdoors just about every day. And, they will participate in extended trips multiple times each semester. Don’t worry… our students have a variety of skill levels, and everyone is challenged. You can be a beginner kayaker or an expert… there are opportunities for everyone. The Alzar School teachers will help students build the basics or take existing skills to the next level.

Study Abroad

A semester at the Alzar School features an extended trip to Chile. Fall semesters head down in late October and stay through November. Spring semesters head to Chile at the beginning of February and stay until the end of March.  During our time in South America, you will immerse yourself in Spanish.  Our expeditions there include Chilean student participation and homestays with local families.  You will eat authentic food, learn about indigenous cultures, and volunteer at needy organizations (like the orphanage we’ve adopted over the years).

Culminating Leadership Project

One of the highlights of attending a semester at the Alzar School will be when students develop and then implement projects they are passionate about. During the semester on campus, each student will select and plan a project that will make a difference in the community. Our teachers will help you research an issue, brainstorm solutions, and prepare to implement a solution. Then, upon the completion of the semester at the Alzar School, students will recruit friends, family, and classmates to help them complete the project. And, Alzar School’s teachers will support those efforts along the way. This Culminating Leadership Project allows our students, true young leaders, to make an immediate difference in the causes they care about. We believe that teenagers can make the world a better place. It is also a great way for students to set themselves apart for college applications, job applications, resumes, etc. If you are looking to be challenged, if you are ready for new experiences, and would like to have the time of your life, apply today!