General Introduction: Video Transcript

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar school is a community of learners who are passionate about finding education, and we look for it on the banks of a river in Chile and within the walls of a traditional classroom.

Female (Student): If I could define the Alzar School in one word it would be amazing.

Brady (Student):  I think the one word that would sum up Alzar is community.

Male (Parent): I see the same thing happening with the Alzar students that I see happening with my own kids.

Male (Parent): There is this metamorphosis or change from a kid to adult. We use words like maturing, self confidence; they become those people that we look up to.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School experience is extraordinary and completely different than the traditional high school.  We accomplish our mission through the integration of strong academics, service learning cultural exchange and we use the outdoors as a platform for learning.

Sean (Teacher): We pack so much into a semester at the Alzar School. We have the day to day intimate classes with teachers who are able to work with you one on one. We also go on extended expeditions, cultural exchange in Chile, skiing here in Idaho, completing swift water rescue training.  Its really as much as you can pack into six months as you can imagine.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School student who thrives at this school is a student who is looking for more from their traditional high school experience. They’re curious, they’re engaged, and they’re motivated to make a difference.

Female (Student): If you want to try things that you never thought you’d ever try, and work harder than you’ve ever worked before and just be immersed in such a great community and get to know all these wonderful people get to know a lot about yourself, then Alzar is the place to go.

Male (Parent): I think its the unbelievable commitment to making these young people teenage leaders which will become adult leaders.  Thats what is special about this.

Female (Student): Alzar is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if you are thinking about applying you should definitely do it.