Meet the Parents: Video Transcript

Kristin (Teacher): So parents we’re asking you to allow your son or daughter to join us for a semester. And we know that’s a lot. It’s an investment for you all as well as the fact that your son or daughter won’t be with you for the semester. But I have to tell you that this is a fantastic opportunity for them to develop academically, socially, emotionally, and you’ll be so proud.

Female (Parent): I’m seeing her grow into herself and be comfortable with who she is as a young adult. I’ve definitely been trying to help around the community more and instead of being like “oh somebody will get it, I’m like, I got it, I’m gonna rock this.”

Male (Parent): It teaches them a lot of life skills and more taking control of their own education in a different setting, not just in the classroom.

Female (Parent): I’ve seen her grow up. I’ve seen her writing change. She cc’d me on something she wrote and I was like, “gosh, my kid’s writing has really improved. She’s more independent, she’s patient.

Male (Parent): She’s been more and more and more independent. As a parent you have mixed feelings, you know it’s kind of like losing a child, but it’s seeing them find life, love life, and I think that’s one thing she’s finding herself more than she ever has.

Female (Parent): One of the things that I think I was so pleased about Chile was how much spanish they used.

Female (Parent): Even a small amount of travel can broaden your awareness.

Female (Parent): We may have given her the travel bug.

Sean (Teacher): We hear over and over that when their children return they’re more mature, they’re more equipped to deal with the challenges that life throws at them, and then they’re ready to go on to college.

Male (Student): I think you’ll feel prepared for pretty much anything you’re going to encounter when you walk out. I mean it really taught me a big sense of self awareness and confidence. Leaving Alzar I felt like there wasn’t anyone or any group I couldn’t sort of talk to and appeal to.

Male (Parent): My other kids and I would tell anybody that it’s well worth the investment. It’s a life changing program for kids at really kind of a critical period in their life when you’re 17 years old.

Female (Parent): Academics are very rigorous and if you think this is going to be an easy semester for your child, and that they’re gonna skate through, I think they’re going to be surprised. We were very pleased with the standards of the academics and I think families can be proud of what their students bring out academically.

Female (Parent): My reservations were a little bit more on the academic side. I wanted to make sure that the rigor of the academics was going to be equal to that of his school in Atlanta which is a good college prep school, but I kind of let that up to our academic dean who is very tough and sean interviewed with her and presented their curriculum and she was satisfied so I felt like if she was satisfied I could be satisfied.

Male (Parent): Parents really view it as an investment in their education and in their future. Female (Parent): One of the things I’m really happy about is that he’s going to start his senior year not burned out from high school but enthused and excited and ready to go forward. Female (Parent): Any hesitation that I might have even had before hand? Gone. Gone.