The Parents’ Perspective

Parent's Perspective Video Transcript

In Spanish, Alzar means to “raise” or “elevate.”

At the Alzar School in Cascade, Idaho, those terms define what we strive to do academically for your child. The accredited Alzar School gives your child the opportunity to take their educational experience to an exciting level—and parents can be assured of an exceptional outdoor academic program. With a semester of Alzar School education – specifically for high school sophomores and juniors – your child receives all of their traditional classes while enjoying a 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio with a teaching staff that is committed to preparing students for a lifetime of leading and learning.

The Alzar School’s rigorous curriculum is college preparatory in nature, and includes students developing and implementing a culminating leadership project in an area that they are passionate about. In addition, your child will complete an extended expedition to Chile, immersing themselves in Spanish.

This experience helps them develop a global perspective, prepare them for a globalized marketplace, learn about the country’s culture, and learn about themselves.

Parents: If you have a motivated, energetic student who is looking to build their independence, confidence, and leadership skills under passionate and inspiring teachers, we have a truly unique opportunity awaiting them.

Alzar School – raising your child’s accomplishments inside and outside the classroom.