Six Foundations: Video Transcript

Kristin (Teacher): When we set out to develop a school that builds young leaders we built it on top of six foundations. These are academics, cultural exchange, service learning, environmental stewardship, leadership training, and outdoor adventure.

Sean (Teacher): All the six foundations work together almost every day at Alzar School. So a great example is when we’re down in Chile we will be interacting with Chilean students and teaching them how to kayak and so students are having the cultural exchange at the same time they’re participating in outdoor adventure. When we have that sort of event the students will organize it to make it happen and it’s a form of service to teach other people about kayaking. So we really look at those six foundation as constantly how we design our programs and our curriculum.

Kristin (Teacher): At the Alzar School we talk a lot about living with intention and having the skills to lead your own life and make the choices and take advantage of opportunities that allow you to grow and develop and continue to challenge yourself.