Meet the Students: Video Transcript

Sean (Teacher): I have been continuously impressed with the quality of students the Alzar School attracts. They are fun they are hard working and they are motivated to make a difference in the world. Alzar School students spend an entire semester with us tackling all of their academic classes, immersing themselves in outdoor adventure, leadership training and cultural exchange.

Brady (Student): We really became a family.

Female (Student) : They brought really great people here all of the teachers and all of the students are wonderful.

Ines (Student):  My name is Ines Balbontin. I’m from Chile.

Dez (Student): Deza’ray Lowery from San Francisco, California.

Burke (Student): Burke Martin, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.

Roxy (Student): I’m Roxy Huckaby and I’m from Cascade, Idaho.

Katherine (Student): Katherine Sharpe and I’m from Hammond, Louisiana.

Karly (Student): Karly Walker, Charlotte Duncan, Kenna Nowak, Isabelle Leonaitis, Liam Getzloff, Harmony Coleman, Lauren McLeod, Brady Strohmeyer, Caroline Kerr

Caroline (Student): Everyone just is goofy here and it makes things more fun.

Male (Student): There is definitely a balance between the curriculum and all of the outdoor activities.

Male (Student): The academics are definitely strenuous. There is a lot of stuff to do, but the teachers are amazing and the classes are always fun and productive. You know, you are always learning something.

Female (Student): Oh my gosh. I love, love love love love my teachers.

Male (Student): Ya, I love my teachers.

Female (Student): I love my teachers.

Female (Student): I love my teachers. They’re awesome.

Isabellle (Student): All of my teachers are great.

Male (Student): It’s all leadership training and most other schools don’t have that. It’s usually just academics, academics, but by doing all these outdoor activities it’s actually teaching how to be a leader and how to succeed in the world. You don’t go to the school for the outdoor activities you go to become leader and you become a leader through the outdoor activities.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School program nurtures a global perspective in our students.

Female (Student): I think we’re all really excited about going to Chile.

Female (Student): I’m just really excited to be in a new culture and learning about it.

Male (Student): Like, I’ve never had a classroom that’s been on the beach before.

Female (Student): Learning spanish in Chile is real world experience of I really need to learn this.

Female (Student): When I was standing on top of Mocho-Choshuenco I had an epiphany of I am on top of a volcano and I just hiked this whole thing. It was probably the best moment of my life actually.

Sean (Teacher): The Alzar School is accessible to all levels of students in terms of their outdoor’s skill. Students come here having kayaked for years and other students come needing to learn how to roll.

Female (Student): I’d never snowboarded before coming here and this is my fourth time snowboarding and I’ve already gotten down the big mountain.

Ines (Student): I’d never been in a river before, in a river experience, so it was an awesome experience.

Student (Male): Definitely come to the Alzar School, it’s an amazing place. You don’t get a lot of opportunities like this.

Student (Female): I’d say come. It’s really fun. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.