Student Life

Life at Alzar School Video Transcript

Student Life: While At School

Classes are taken seriously at the Alzar School, but they will probably feel a little different from your classes at home. Science class is frequently held outside, you’ll read Thoreau sitting beside the river, and your most powerful Spanish lessons will come when you live in a tent with a local student on your international expedition. Plus, you will enjoy extremely small class sizes, with 24-30 students enrolled each semester. You will have work to do outside of class, but it will be meaningful and authentic.


You will live in a yurt with a number of other students of the same gender. A yurt is a round, permanent structure.  Our yurts have heaters, wood stoves, and bathrooms.  You will find that little time is spent in your yurt, and much more is spent exploring the 100 acre campus and surrounding areas. You will have your own bunk and desk, plus access to several “hang out” areas around campus. The school’s Confluence Building houses the classrooms, dining area, and meeting areas.


While on campus you will work with staff to take turns cooking healthy delicious meals. In the field or on expeditions, students will eat in small cookgroups and learn to plan their own meals. Abroad, students will have fun experiencing a new cuisine (have you ever tasted charqui?). Do you have special dietary needs? We can accommodate them!


The Alzar School is a supportive and inspiring community, and it works because we all take part to keep the place running. As a student, you will complete basic chores to keep our environment ready for learning.

Free Time

For those of you unfamiliar with Idaho, the campus is located on one of the most famous western rivers, within an hour of two ski resorts, has hikes to the top of 8,000+ foot mountains out the back door, and is only 2 hours from the city of Boise. The opportunities for your free time are endless. On campus, there is a climbing gym, miles of trails, and fireside study areas.