Support the School: Video Transcript

Kristin (Teacher): At the Alzar School we know that leadership potential is not defined by socioeconomic background and yet often times it may limit a students’ ability to attend the Alzar School.

Sean (Teacher): The semester is one that we want to make possible for any qualified student. Donations go to work immediately at developing young leaders.

Harmony (Student): I always thought leadership was just doing the right thing and just basically having integrity, whereas now I know with leadership you have to have a vision you, you have to have a plan, you have to be able to motivate others. There’s definitely a lot more things to being a leader than I expected there to be, but it makes being a leader a lot more rewarding when you know that you’ve done it right.

Brady (Teacher): Leadership is I think something that all people are capable of but it takes practice and experience to really nail it down.

Isabelle (Student): I think everyone definitely has the potential to be a leader and I think that once you recognize that every day, every moment in your life requires some leadership, that you start to develop those skills instead of just going through the motions.

Sean (Teacher): Alzar School students throughout their semester with us plan a culminating leadership project. So they identify an issue they’re passionate about, something that they want to change in the world, and they work to make it better. This CLP that we call it is a great way for them to showcase their leadership skills in the greater community.

Lauren (Student): It’s essentially our legacy from the Alzar School.

Isabelle (Student): For my CLP I want to have English classes for native spanish speakers in Atlanta.

Brady (Student): Getting a bunch of used bike parts and bringing together about 10 middle school kids and teaching them how to build, how to maintain a bike so that they can use it transport themselves around town, to work, and school.

Burke (Student): The initial steps of getting a whitewater park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Isabelle (Student): Leadership really has allowed me to really change my life and instead of just letting life go by, attacking it and taking it head on.

Kristin (Teacher): We challenge young people and empower them to go on to do great things.

Ines (Student): This experience to make my high school here in Alzar School, it’s very different for me but I’m really glad to have this opportunity.

Kristin (Teacher): We work really hard to make sure that our school is available and accessible financially to all students but we need your help in doing that. Please contribute to our scholarship fund.