Named Giving Opportunities

As the Alzar School grows, there are opportunities for supporters to leave a lasting legacy at our beautiful campus.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of our named giving opportunities, please email

Campus Improvement:
Amount to Sponsor:
Sponsored By:
Headwaters Building (new)  $500,000  
Patagonia Learning Center (new)  $175,000  
Infirmary (new)  $10,000  
Reception (new)  $10,000
  • Paul and Grace Raulet
Cochamo Conference Room (new)  $25,000
  •  Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Andes Teacher Office (new)  $30,000  
Heads of School Offices (new)  $30,000  
Tamango Admissions Offices (new)  $20,000  
Chacabuco Advancement and Alumni Relation Offices (new)  $20,000  
Collier Peak Guest Suite (new)  $25,000  
Laguna la Plata Laundry Room (new)  $20,000  
Confluence Building (existing)  $500,000  
Dining Hall (expansion)  $100,000
  •  Spring 2016 Semester
Vestibule & Student Cubbies (new)  $13,500
  •  Founding Semesters (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013)
Sargent's Moutain Meeting Place (new)  $10,000
  • Daniella and Alexandra Castellon
Mocho-Choshuenco Classroom (existing)  $40,000  
Snowbank Classroom (existing)  $40,000  
Owyhee Room (existing)  $40,000  
Big Creek Summit Lobby (existing)  $80,000  
Yurts (new & existing)    
Student Yurts    
Payette River Yurt (existing)  $50,000  
Salmon River Yurt (existing)  $50,000
  • Emma Scott Singletary and Georgia Gillette
Rio Fuy Yurt (existing)  $50,000
  •  Michael McIntyre
Snake River Yurt (new)  $50,000  
Rio Baker Yurt (new)  $50,000  
Rio Ñuble Yurt (new)  $50,000  
Teaching Fellow Yurts    
Rio Enco Yurt (new)  $25,000
  •  Margot, Philip and Lisa Lapeyre
Klamath River Yurt (existing)  $25,000  
Staff Housing (new & existing)    
Heads of School House (new)  $200,000  
Ponderosa Apartment (existing)  $30,000  
Tamarack Apartment (existing)  $15,000
  • Eric and Fiona Torrese
Aspen Apartment (existing)  $15,000
  •  Alex, Patricia, and Caroline Funderburg
Lodgepole Apartment (existing)  $15,000
  •  Spring 2014 Semester
Douglas Fir Apartment (existing)  $10,000
  •  The Smith Family
Coigue Apartment (new)  $15,000  
Roble Apartment (new)  $15,000  
Araucaria Apartment (new)  $10,000  
Alerce Common Space (new)  $25,000
  •  The Park Family
Rio Claro Warehouse (new)  $75,000  
Classroom table (multiple available)  $8,000
  •  Andrew, Holly, and Tess Lipsky
Student Bunk (multiple available)  $5,000
  • In memory of: Roy and Margaret Bierle
  • Wendy, Gordon, and Nathan Saul
  • Jean Bierle
  • Lori and Lance Leonaitis
  • The Broughton Family
  • Mary and Bradley Delamielleure
  • Michael McIntyre and Family
  • The Vrolijik Family
  • Robin, Kim and Thomas Belvin 
Chair in Patagonia Learning Center (multiple available)  $2,000
  • Caroline Kerr
  • Alice, Linda, and Mark Caplan
  • Larry and Tricia Bierle
  • Worth, Kathi, and Kelsey Saunders
  • Jib, Marci, and Skye Ellison
  • Ed, Christy, Stephanie, and Natalie Novellas
  • Andrew, Holly, and Tess Lipsky
  • Liam Murphy 
  • Michael and Valerie Russell
  • Andy and Nancy Wiggers
  • Thomas, Michele, and Brewer Castle
  • Katherine and Lexi Spirtes
  • Toby, Luisa and Sebastian Cobb
  • Joe, Lauren and Hanson Stuckey
  • The Griffith-Gray Family
  • The Helmuth-Malone Family
  • The Schrage Family
  • Toby, Luisa and Sebastian Cobb
  • Joe, Lauren and Hanson Stuckey
  • John, Jessica and Antonia Park