Sending High School Welcome: Video Transcript

Sean (Teacher): The Alzar School experience is extraordinary, and really outside of the box compared to the traditional high school.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School is a fully accredited academic high school.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School student who thrives at the school is a student who’s looking for more from their traditional high school experience. They’re curious, engaged, and motivated to make a difference.

Kristin (Teacher): The Alzar School is a semester school for highly motivated Sophmores and Juniors with an emphasis on leadership development.

Male (Student)t: Lots of rigorous academics.

Female (Student): We are all taking honors and AP courses here so the homework load is a lot.

Karly (Student): It’s definitely making me a better student.

Roxy (Student): They’re definitely difficult but it’s going to be so worth it in the end.

Lauren (Student): Be prepared to work really hard for the results that you want from this school.

Kristin (Student): There are a number of amazing things that will happen to a student during their semester. This includes small intimate classes with passionate teachers.

Ellie (Teacher): Here at the Alzar School we’re trying to build future leaders out of these students. We believe a lot in high school students and really want them to take ownership over their education and challenge themselves through a variety of ways.

Sean (Teacher): Alzar School students spend an entire semester with us, tackling all of their academic classes, and immersing themselves in outdoor adventure, leadership training and cultural exchange.

Sean (Teacher): One of the things I’m most proud of at the school is the students’ culminating leadership project.

Katherine (Student): Leadership. That’s a huge part of the Alzar program.

Isabelle (Student): The CLP is a culminating leadership project.

Caroline (Student): It’s a project that each of the students plan for a service project for when they go home.

Sean (Teacher): So they identify an issue they’re passionate about, something they want to change in the world, and they work to making it better.

Isabelle (Student): English classes for native Spanish speakers in Atlanta.

Roxy (Student): Putting on a benefit concert for a cancer foundation in Boise.

Burke (Student): Start the initial steps of getting a white water park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sean (Student): It’s a great way for them to showcase their leadership skills in the greater community.

Katherine (Student): I think we’re all really excited about going to Chile.

Dez (Student): Tomorrow we go to Chile!

Roxy (Student): Going to Chile was one of my favorite things. It’s great to be able to have that cultural exchange. I learned a lot about the country and it was surprising to know that it’s not as different as I thought it was from the United States.

Isabelle (Student): It’s busy, you never stop doing anything. It’s just go go go.

Fran (Student): Alzar School es impresionante

Roxy (Student): Eye Opening

Harmony (Student): Life Changing

Mckenna (Student): It is amazing

Isabelle (Student): I feel like everything I’ve learned here as prepared me a lot to have a smooth transition back home, and it’s gonna be hard to leave everyone, but I think I’m prepared.

Isabelle (Student): It’s just one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.