Auriona East

Teaching Fellow Coordinator and Advanced English & Spanish

Auri grew up in the South exploring its crystal clear waterways by flat-water canoe. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Spanish literature and Arabic language, she headed for frothier H2O in Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho, where she has been guiding commercially for 6 seasons. Interspersed with her river guiding career, Auri has enjoyed an apprenticeship at High Mountain Institute, a wilderness educator position at American Explorers, a hiking guide gig in Colombia, and a Faculty position at Alzar School from Semester VII through X. After a two year sabbatical, Auri is incredibly excited to rejoin Alzarā€™s community as the new Teaching Fellow Coordinator, AP English teacher, and Advanced Spanish faculty. During the coming year, Auri intends to pursue her extracurricular passions as a ceramicist, novice guitarist and singer, trail runner, boater, and splitboarder.