Becky Fitzpatrick

Honors Sciences

Becky fell in love with the landscapes and people of the southwestern United States when she studied Natural History and Ecology at Prescott College in Arizona.  After attaining her bachelors degree, Becky worked as a wildlife technician on a bear nutritional study in Yellowstone National Park, a trophic cascade study in Waterton Lakes Park, and a bison management study in Montana.  She then began teaching wildlife science programs to high school students in the Yellowstone area, which grew into a love of teaching and place-based outdoor education.  Becky has spent time working for a conservation corps, working seasonally as an outdoor educator with Outward Bound and Prescott College, and as a Wilderness Ranger in New Mexico.  When not with students, Becky spends her time fermenting foods, filling in the gaps in her mental maps, and using her hands to craft items like baskets and soaps.  She is currently pursuing teaching in the more formal setting of the classroom.  Her love for wild places began young, and has continued to grow the more time she spends mentoring and teaching students within it.  She has found no better teacher. You can reach Becky at