Rachel Lightner

Community & Experiential Advisor; Digital Storytelling

Rachel joins us for the 2020/2021 school year as a Community and Experiential Advisor, Digital Storytelling Teacher, and Yurt Advocate. Growing up in the mountains of southern Oregon, Rachel discovered her love for the outdoors by climbing fir trees and snowboarding on the slopes of Mt. Ashland. She followed her passion for the outdoors by pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Journalism at Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe. Upon graduation, Rachel dove into outdoor education, working as an English Instructor for Adventure Risk Challenge, a non-profit leadership and literacy program for underserved youth. She continued working in the field, from the Sierra Nevada mountains for Outdoor Adventures by Boojum to the karst mountains of China for Indier. Rachel became a backcountry snowcat guide for Pacific Crest Snowcats in Truckee, CA, and as a college preparation teacher at Truckee High School. Her desire for long-term outdoor education programming led her to Alzar School, where she creates lasting impacts on students’ lives as they become strong leaders of their communities, small and large.

You can reach Rachel at rlightner@alzarschool.org orĀ  1 (833)862-5927 x 711