Teaching Fellowship

An extraordinary opportunity to gain practical experience as an educator.


What is a Teaching Fellow?

The Alzar School Teaching Fellowship is a unique opportunity for recent college graduates and young adults to explore teaching in an academic classroom, being an outdoor instructor in backcountry and wilderness settings, facilitating cultural exchange abroad, and acting as a leader for youth in residential settings. All teaching fellows are paired with one academic class and a mentor teacher. Teaching fellows have a role similar to a “student teacher” in that they begin observing, transition to co-teaching, and eventually (usually mid-semester) take over planning and instruction for the class. Throughout the process, they receive support and guidance from both their mentor teacher and the Teaching Fellow Coordinator. Teaching fellows act as outdoor instructors on all expeditions throughout the semester, from backpacking through Patagonia National Park in Chile to kayaking the Lower Salmon River in Idaho. Alzar School students engage in 4–5 multi-day expeditions each semester, along with weekly local excursions and activities in the outdoors. Teaching fellows work closely with lead teaching staff and student leaders to help facilitate safe, educational, and enriching experiences for our students. In our close-knit community, teaching fellows play a key role. They live in teaching fellow yurts near the student yurts and rotate through residential duties on campus. Teaching fellows also serve as mentors for students, building close relationships and serving as role models. Teaching fellows are active in various staff and programmatic meetings, and are very much considered part of the staff at the school, offering valuable perspective and suggestions. Ultimately, teaching fellows at Alzar School work hard, contribute greatly to the Alzar School community, and in turn, gain a rewarding and enriching growth experience.

“The Teaching Fellow position is a very dynamic role at an incredibly innovative school. You get the chance to work alongside some of the most motivated and passionate educators. The position itself is so broad with responsibilities, and you have the opportunity to plug into almost every niche and aspect of the school. The benefits, rewards, experience, travel and sense of worth and working towards something bigger make this experience truly incredible!” -Ian, Fall 2013 Teaching Fellow

“You become part of an amazing and passionate community. You develop relationships with these students that are really hard to find at a traditional school.” -Johanna, Fall 2016 Teaching Fellow

“I’ve grown considerably from the program, and am now more confident in my ability to manage student outcomes over a long-term residential program.” -John, Fall 2016 Teaching Fellow

“I have developed substantial skills as a classroom educator. I’ve received thoughtful feedback throughout the semester that has helped me grow as an educator and as a person. I also feel that I’ve gained concrete skills and ideas about how to facilitate leadership development outside of the classroom and develop a leadership sequence that will increasingly empower students to take on responsibility for themselves and others.” -Angelica, Spring 2017 Teaching Fellow

To apply for a teaching fellowship, please visit our online application to upload a cover letter, two-page general resume, and outdoor resume.  In the cover letter, please indicate in the academic classes (see our Curriculum Guide) you would be interested in taking a lead, and which of the following auxiliary roles are of interest to you: recruiting, fundraising, video/photo production, medical program, outdoor program, facilities, kitchen, expedition food, and/or communications.

Program Fees:

For the 2019-2020 year, accepted teaching fellows pay Alzar School a $4,200 USD fee.  In addition to training, support, and mentorship, Alzar School provides on campus housing, meals with students, flights to/from Chile, WFA and Swiftwater Rescue courses, and specialized equipment for whitewater kayaking and backpacking.

If you have any questions about the Alzar School Teaching Fellowship, please email the Director of Studies at studies@alzarschool.org.

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