Alumni Support


Alzar Gap is committed to providing quality support and community for our alumni as they transition to their next steps after our programs. Alzar’s powerful alumni support programs allow our alumni to more effectively incorporate the benefits of their gap experience into their daily lives and to stay in touch with their peers and mentors. All of our alumni support programs are included in the cost of Alzar Gap programs with the exception of Alumni Expeditions. Please see below for more information.


Culminating Leadership Project

* included on the Patagonia Exchange and Rockies to Patagonia gap programs

The Culminating Leadership Project is a chance for students to stay connected to their Alzar Gap experience while creating meaningful change in their home communities as well as in their own lives. During the Patagonia Exchange and Rockies to Patagonia gap programs, instructors help students transform their inspirational experience into a plan for a practical project based on conservation, social justice, community building, personal growth and/or vocational experience. Students then have the option to put their plan into action during the months following their Alzar Gap program. Alumni will have the opportunity to reunite with their instructors, group members, other Alzar Gap alumni, and inspiring leaders from their gap experience through email, video, and phone calls. The CLP curriculum is designed to complement students’ next steps, and can easily be implemented while a student is attending college or transitioning into the workforce. Although entirely optional, we encourage our students to use the leadership skills and inspiration from their gap experience to help make the world a better place with the support and guidance from our dedicated team. Click here to find out more.

James River Association
Salmon Raft
eNRG Kayaking
Breckenridge Ski and Sport

Alumni Employment Directory

Alzar’s mission is to “build leaders who positively impact the world.” Part of that mission is helping students find employment, internship and volunteer opportunities after they graduate from our programs. As part of Alzar Gap programs, students are given coaching about building resumes, and cover letters for their next steps. Alzar has compiled a list of organizations that have expressed interest in providing employment and internship opportunities for Alzar School + Gap alumni. Each organization is aware of our powerful programming and leadership training and has specifically requested that our alumni apply for the roles listed in our Alumni Opportunities Directory. Opportunities range from summer raft guide positions in the U.S. to international outdoor educator positions in Asia. We want to see our alumni succeed both personally and professionally.




Alumni Reunions

Alzar offers various opportunities for alumni and alumni families to come together during our alumni expeditions. In the past alumni and alumni families have come together for ski weekends, multi-day raft trips, and backpacking expeditions.

Alumni Advisory Committee and Alumni Ambassadors

Alzar has always been committed to the idea that its students “own” the school. Therefore, it has been a priority of the school to include alumni representatives on an Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors so students’ voices are heard, and as Alumni Ambassadors to help other young adults learn about our programs. All Alzar students are encouraged to apply if they would like to have a new, deeper leadership position within the school.

“…Why don’t you stay in the wilderness? Because that isn’t where it is at; it’s back in the city, back in downtown St. Louis, back in Los Angeles. The final test is whether your experience of the sacred in nature enables you to cope more effectively with the problems of people…. You go to nature for an experience of the sacred… to re-establish your contact with the core of things, where it’s really at, in order to enable you to come back to the world of people and operate more effectively. Seek ye first the kingdom of nature, that the kingdom of people might be realized.”

– Willi Unsoeld, 1974