Black Girls Build

Introducing Black girls to architecture


Background Information

Ever since she was younger, Kennedy has had an interest in design. She used to spend hours watching a YouTube channel called My Froggy stuff.  This account was led by a Black woman and featured videos explaining how to create structures for dolls. Kennedy has since grown a passion for architecture, and hopes to pursue a career as an architect in the future.  Her CLP project is named Black Girls Build. The idea is simple yet impactful, holding online zoom classes to teach young Black girls about the principles of design and architecture through using everyday household objects.

Implementation of Project

In Kennedy’s project, Black Girls Build, she provided classes for students to learn how to create structures such as houses, bridges and buildings. Thompson hopes that she can help introduce Black girls into architecture, a field that is sadly only dominated by 0.2% of Black Women, and inspire them to pursue careers in STEAM likewise to how My Froggy Stuff influenced her.  These classes occurred in three-week sessions.  Simultaneously, the effort worked to raise funds for The Homeless Black Trans Women Fund.

Results of Project

By the end of 2021, Kennedy hopes to have raised around $2,000 dollars for The Homeless Black Trans Women Fund. She is very passionate about her CLP and believes by implementing this project she can give back to her community and influence other Black girls into pursuing a career in STEAM.

What’s Next

Next Kennedy wants to continue these classes in the fall (in three week sessions as well), she envisons that as she gains more knowledge of architecture, the classes will go more in depth in topics.

“Architecture serves as a way to connect those with their surroundings, through creating spaces that enact thought and a sense of place.” – Kennedy Thompson