Conner on Bread

Alzar School | 04.01.10

I am a man of many tastes in bread. The smell of a fresh baguette caresses the olfactory as if you are settling into a long lost pair of favorite shoes. Here in the land of “butts” and “pucks” you generally have two choices. As the imagination would suggest, butt bread is creatively shaped like, well, a butt. Just as originally, hockey puck bread is formed like a puck. A dense and tough skin protects the juicy and doughy meat inside. Word has it that there is an event in the Chilean edition of “Gladiators” called the “eliminator” where stale hockey puck bread is shot at you out of a cannon. The local urban legend about butt bread is that it is great for making delicious sandwiches. I can still recall my first experience with butt bread. I ripped apart the two halves, graciously filled them, applied liberal amounts of PB&J and enjoyed thoroughly. It made my day just a little bit brighter. Hopefully this is just a small sampling of what the fertile bakeries of Chile have to offer.