Constructing a Kinship – Community Contract

Alzar School | 05.09.19

Alzar School strives to give students space to create an environment and community that they can be proud to contribute to. After the first two weeks of school, students are starting to sink into their roles here and are beginning to realize and discover what they value. As such, our students have come together to create a Community Contract — a set of norms by which they have agreed to build their lives around at Alzar School. Each of our three weekend outing groups elected two representatives to consolidate their ideas into a comprehensive document that they all can support and respect. The six individuals tasked with the responsibility, Maya, Jillian, Cedar, Mason, Ben and Kate shared their finished document to their cohort yesterday. The contract will be agreed upon and signed by each student as they work together to continue to grow closer, and stronger as a community.

The Fall 2019 Student Community

Yesterday, in our community meeting, Maya presented the Fall 2019 Community Contract to staff and students, reading the 9 articles the students believed to best represent the conceptualization of their Alzar School Experience. All of these articles revolve around respecting one another and their surroundings, as well as approaching each new challenge with enthusiasm and grit.

Their cumulative quote for the semester? “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…”

In the short time students have been at Alzar School they are already pushing themselves to take on the unknown and to grow through challenge. We are incredibly impressed by this group of leaders and cannot wait to see what they accomplish throughout the semester and beyond!