Ego tripping

Alzar School | 19.03.16

We are studying magical realism in English class and are discussing what about these stories is true. Magical realism arises from real experience, real settings, and real characters but imbues reality with magical and fantastical elements. The magical components are used to provide contrast to daily life, norms and things we take for granted or as givens. They are used to expand our notions of what is possible so that we can more fully see reality and options that exist to improve it. And finally, the goal is to use magical elements to illuminate “truths” that are often hidden in our normal examination of life and ourselves. Writers use this style to portray ordinary life in a way that allows the reader to see it anew, to recognize the everyday magic, horror, beauty and possibility in life or in people.

We used this base to explore extraordinary notions of ourselves and to challenge the idea that when we speak of ourselves and our abilities it is better, more correct, more real, or more reasonable to devalue, minimize and doubt our capabilities. These excerpts of poems come from a prompt to indulge in “ego tripping” … and every single word is TRUE.

I am unstoppable,
No one can stand in my way
I have climbed the tallest mountains and became one with them
Everest grew up from under me
I have been an eagle
Majestic and mightier than you
Everywhere I soar people watch
My eyes hold the world
Blue oceans and skies… ~EShenck

I am so unique
I don’t even have a shadow
Because nothing in the this world can be compared with me ~AMontes

I am down to earth and up in the sky all at the same time
I “throw like a girl” but can catch a million people in my arms
I have, will, and am going to change the world…
I have friends and a family
I have a bed and a home
I have food on my plate and clothes on my back
I simply have everything~CBecker

I have eyelashes so long and strong you can hang ornaments on them like a Christmas tree,
My feet barely tred on the earth as I run, marking my path in the world~MRhueman

The light from my smile illuminated the path for the three wise men,
Babies cry when they are born because they know they are missing out on a life of endless love from my booming heart~JWinborne

My body was carved from the canyons toughest of stone
The finest artisans worked day and night to create a show that could harness the canyons most determined soul~LMurphy

The latitude that the magical realism style provides allows students to unabashedly speak truths about themselves and endulge in warranted self love. Each one of these students truly is that divine, that beautiful, that capable, and that exceptional.

Written by Irene Shaver –English B