Flowing and Growing by Lizzy

Alzar School | 10.01.10

When I signed up for the Rivers of Chile expedition I was expecting to learn how to kayak. Now, with little more than a week left here, I’m realizing that we have been taught so much more than eddy turns and peel outs in school bus munching waves. I’ve learned that made up play moves like “Grace Kelly with a belly” are far more fun than any move could ever be. That no matter how many times you point up trying to explain you are from the US, people sill don’t get it (wonder why?). A flat tire taught me flexibility. A stinky van introduced me to some awesome people. The list goes on and on forever. Ultimately, little things are teaching me little by little not ot take anything for granted and to go with the flow. My goals are to stop taking things for granted and to appreciate the little things, and to make every roadblock an exciting detour. We have one life, there’s a lot of time, but not enough to waste any. It seems that some of the best things in life pop up when and where we least expect them. What better way to get the most out of life than appreciate every person, and thing and not take yourself too seriously.