High School

Alzar School brings students to the intersection of engaging academics, cultural exchange and outdoor adventure.

Engaging Academics

A Community of Learners

Alzar School’s engaging academic curriculum is intentionally crafted to connect to student experiences on the trail and abroad in Chile. Small class sizes and strong relationships with faculty who live, study, and travel alongside the students result in a community of learners dedicated to leadership education.  Students enroll in five core classes: math, science, English, history, and Spanish, and two electives: Capstone Leadership Course and Outdoor Adventure Activity (PE). Make the world your classroom, apply here.


International Education

Patagonia, Chile Awaits.

You will spend almost half of your semester living and learning in Chile. You will immerse yourself in the Spanish language and Chilean culture. Whether you are sharing stories with a Chilean student during a hike in Patagonia National Park, making traditional Chilean food, or studying in a rustic “refugio” (comfortable housing at our Base Patagonia), there is no shortage of opportunities to explore and grow in one of the most beautiful and highly-coveted adventure destinations in the world.


Experiential Outdoor Education

Find Fun, Beauty and Challenge.

Your classrooms will be the peaks of Patagonia, river canyons of Idaho, evergreen forests, and turquoise blue waters of southern Chile. The multi-day expeditions provide opportunities to motivate peers towards a common goal, connect academics with the places in which you travel, and find that you are stronger than you imagined through physical challenge.