Job Posting: Math Teacher for Spring 2021 and beyond

Alzar School | 19.10.20

We are hiring!  Due to increased enrollment, we are currently hiring an additional full-time teacher, that would teach in the Spring 2021 semester as well as 2021-2022 school year.  This position would likely entail 2+ sections of math and 1-2 additional sections of another content area, based on the candidate’s qualifications.

You can read more at our website: Alzar School Employment Opportunities, or apply online.  See job description and qualifications listed below.  We encourage you to apply by November 9th, 2020, for timely consideration.  Please help us by spreading the word to interested teachers!

Faculty seized the opportunity to use outdoor classrooms during the start of our Fall 2020 semester.


Alzar School teachers motivate, inspire, and educate our students both in and out of the classroom.  They are passionate individuals who are excited to share their knowledge of content areas, enthusiasm for the outdoors, and curiosity for cultural learning.

Competencies and core skills required for Alzar School teaching position include:

  • strong knowledge of content area
    • either through past studies, professional experience, or direct teaching experience
  • demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for the content
    • eagerness to make content relevant to students’ lives and worlds
  • adaptable, able to take challenges in stride
    • embraces dynamic working environments, including outdoor and international settings
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • enjoys interacting with students, families, and colleagues
    • ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • robust experience in program-specific outdoor sports:
    • multi day backpacking trips in backcountry settings
      • or
    • intermediate proficiency in whitewater river environments (either rafting and/or kayaking)
      • or
    • transferable skills from other outdoor activities

We invite applicants from a variety of backgrounds to apply, and firmly believe that a diverse faculty enriches our staff community and connections with students.  Some applicants may boast skills in certain areas and less experience in others, for example: academic, outdoor, residential, leadership, or cultural, amongst others.  We look forward to the opportunity to review your application!