A Growing Girl

Alzar School | 07.11.13
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Fizix is Phun! Kaylee working on a Physics problem dealing with energy and kinematics in Choshuenco.

¡Chile es muy bonito y magnífico y castellano es hermoso también! Traveling in Chile has really been testing my Spanish speaking and comprehension skills. Walking around small towns like Choshuenco and asking people questions like, “¿Porque los arboles tienen un parte blanco detrás? (Why are the trees white on the bottom?)” challenges me to articulate when I speak so that other people can understand what I am asking and also challenges my listening skills. When people think that I speak Spanish they get very excited and start talking very fast. I need to have a sharp ear and maybe even ask them to slow down to understand what they are saying. I think that because of being immersed in this magical culture my Spanish skills are greatly improving.

Along with my growing Spanish skills are my writing and math skills. It is much easier for me to write a paper for History class than it was before because of the skills we have been learning in English. Physics is also becoming easier for me to understand and I can do problems more quickly. It is amazing to be able to take skills that we have been learning, in all of my classes, and apply them in labs or other really cool projects.

This unique experience that I am having in Chile is also making me a better leader. I am starting to realize that it is okay to ask for help and take time for yourself sometimes. My listening and communication skills are also improving because my cultural experiences are making me realize the importance of effectively interacting with a group. I feel so privileged to be in this amazing country with all of these wonderful people having the time of my life!