La Trinidad- Alec Getzloff

Alzar School | 19.03.14

As our group pushed though the final phases of the seemingly never ending hike, a granite peak came into view.  This peak is known to most as La Trinidad, and is a glorified place for climbers.  This feature spans more than 1000 meters of smooth, cracked granite, blending in with the overcast sky.  We finally reached the end if the trail to this peak, after about 3 hours.  Excitement quickly spread over our faces once we heard hat lunch was going to be prepared, in this beautiful location.

This was an outstanding experience for myself, and I think that it is safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.  Throughout the hike, topics of hunger, wetness, and negativity emerged, and is was quickly dampened once our goal had been met.  After I got two PB&J wraps into me, I felt much better, and was astonished by the sheer size of La Trinidad.  I deadly respect the people who camped near us who tougher out the rain and ascended this 20+ pitch climb.

Our only incentive to leave this shrine was to get out of the constant rain, and back into the shielded forest guarding the mountain.  I had a great conversation with Dan, my math teacher, and we talked about various things, ranging from geology to sponsorship.  Perhaps the most fun thing on this day hike was a small, and slightly sketchy cable car that we used to cross the river, mot and from our campground.  I had an incredible adventure on is hike, and on our entire backpacking trip.  In the future, I hope to revisit the Cochomó River Valley, and spend more time hiking, exploring, and climbing!