Leadership on the Klamath

Alzar School | 18.03.21

Underneath star-filled skies and amidst the crests and troughs of rolling waves, Alzar School students shine as leaders. Out on expedition, away from the distractions of a typical teenage day, Alzar School students are able to deeply engage with the environment, their peers, and instructors which leads to immense personal and community growth. Yesterday, our Spring 2021 cohort returned to campus from the Klamath River corridor in northern California. Here are just a few moments of leadership we heard about from their time on expedition:

Camp on the Klamath River.

Reid really milked this expedition to maximize his learning and experience. He approached instructors before they left asking if he would get the opportunity to row one of the “big boats” (oar rafts) on expedition. By the end of the five days on the water, he was piloting all craft available and still eager to learn more and improve.

On the last morning on the river, Ka’Sha pulled the whole student group together in a circle while instructors were finishing rigging rafts and declared, “I’m going to tell y’all what I like about each of you!” She then proceeded to fill that space with warm compliments and anecdotes about each of her peers.

Group huddle before a day on the river.

Ellie may not have had the easiest of time packing her frozen drybag each morning, but she did it with the best attitude and a huge smile. Positivity in the face of a challenge is how Ellie chooses to tackle and overcome her moments of growth. 

As leader of the day, Chloe consistently showed up to briefings with pen and paper in hand. Her detailed notes and organization helped give her team the ability to smoothly direct two full days on the river.

John and Alexander with the catch of the day.

Throughout the rest of the semester, students will gain more experience in designated and undesignated leadership roles at Alzar School. We look forward to hearing more stories of leadership from our outstanding Semester Eighteen students.