Location: Clear Creek, CA by Bailey

Alzar School | 28.06.11

The roar of an upcoming rapid fills my ears.  I focus on direct strokes as the blade of my paddle cuts through crystal clear water.  The sweet aroma of danger, the great outdoors, and freedom fills my nostrils.  The rocks, some ten feet below me, look like yellow lines on a highway.  They speed right by and are filled in by new shades of green, brown, and blue.  Clear Creek cuts right through this beautiful canyon.  I am truly blessed to be here and throw up a quick prayer of thanks.  I ask for courage as the roar builds and I can see whitewater around the next bend.

As the wave train begins, I practice precision strokes as my creek boat cuts through wave after wave, generating a huge smack across the water.  The waves build and build.  I push my boat faster and faster.  The rush to the top as your bow dips down to spearhead the next rapid.  I break through the wave and my face gets splashed with whitewater.  The wave train is is done, I peel into an eddy t receive a thumbs up from Mac.  We continue downstream through the icy clear water.

As we pull out of Clear Creek  I roll over. The paddle slaps my instructors and classmates feel great.  The river turns and we get into some flat water.  Out of a large pine, a bald eagle soars across the river.  The mark of the United States.  The eagle finished off a phenomenal day on the river.  I was ready to face the challenges ahead.  The GRI topped thirteen that day.

Until the next adventure…