My rolling story

Alzar School | 04.02.08

Today I am going to talk about rolling. Yesterday we went to the Trancura river. Sean, Claudio, Katherine and Wilson, went to Pescador rapid, and I stayed with Kristin practicing my roll. This is kind of cool, because I finally could do it. Of course I need to practice a lot more, but I think that I got it. I know is easier for me to do it now. I used “Shakira method” (hips don´t lie), and that has really worked!

Today I went with Claudio and Kristin, to paddle the Luicura River again, I practiced my roll again. It’s getting better, and I am happy for that.

Tomorrow we are going to Valdivia. The adventure continues…….

chao, escribo luego..

Rosario Torrealba (chilena a mucha honra!)