Orientation Outings

Alzar School | 30.01.19

We’ve had a busy first week here at Alzar School with students starting classes and settling into their routines. In the first few days of classes, students dove into academics and got an overview of what their classes will look like this semester. Our weekend began early last Thursday when students broke into their orientation expedition groups for the first two of three expeditions; the final expedition will be next weekend.  Each group will spend two days learning about Residential Life at the Alzar School and getting an introduction to kayaking, taking a Wilderness and Remote First Aid Course, and skiing in the Idaho mountains.

We sat down to talk to some students about their experiences this past weekend and here is what they had to say:

Wilderness and Remote First Aid- A two-day first aid course that teaches students CPR/AED and the basic skills to recognize and treat injuries in the field.

Anna: “The skills we learned in th course were interesting and very applicable to the expeditions we will be taking this semester.”

Halle: “WRFA was fun but some of the scenarios were hard, especially when the patient couldn’t talk to you or there were multiple things wrong with them.”

Ruffin and Lauren practice CPR.

Res Life and Kayaking- Students spent one day going over the basics of residential life at Alzar School and personal care, and on the second day were introduced to whitewater kayaking.  Students learned how to outfit boats, and spent time in the Cascade pool learning how to wet exit, and even roll a kayak.

Nate: “I learned how to do a T-rescue in kayaking.”

Sadie: “Kayaking is more challenging than it seems, but still outrageously fun.”

Abe T.: “We look like smurfs in our kayaking gear. I, for example, have a blue life jacket, blue shirt, and blue helmet…somewhat funny looking.”

Skiing- Students spent two days skiing or snowboarding at Brundage Mountain in McCall.  They began each morning with a lesson and skied with Alzar School teachers for the rest of the day.

Katie: “I learned about a new mountain and I got to ski more off the groomed trails into the woods which was fun.”

Kylee: “The views from the ski hill were some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen.”

Grace: “I learned how to snowboard and I fell a lot but it was still a lot of fun!”

Through these mini orientation expedition blocks students are forming a foundation of residential and technical skills that will guide and aid them throughout their semester at Alzar School.