Kristin Bierle

Kristin grew up reciting Shakespeare while rapelling into caves. Ever since her youth, she has sought to integrate academics, outdoor adventure, and cultural exchange. Born and raised in North Carolina, Kristin began working out west on rivers during high school and eventually moved west for college. Kristin is an International Baccalaureate graduate, earning her B.S. in interdisciplinary studies (economics, education, and spanish) and Master of Business Administration from Boise State University. Kristin was selected as the Outstanding Graduate of her MBA class. Kristin taught whitewater kayaking across the US and internationally before starting Alzar School. When not immersed in Alzar School, Kristin serves on the Board of Directors for Idaho Rivers United and enjoys spending time with her husband, Sean, and their young son, Oscar. Email Kristin Bierle or call at +1(833) 862-5927 x 700.