Storm the Norm

"We are helping raise a generation of empowered young women."

- Kelsey Saunders

Background Information

When Kelsey was little, she was under the impression that she would never be as good at sports as boys were. But when she first picked up a lacrosse stick in 4th grade, she realized this didn’t have to be a reality.

“I wanted to give young girls the same opportunity I had to feel strong and empowered through the sport of lacrosse.”
– Kelsey Saunders

With this idea in mind, she was able to develop her CLP while at the Alzar School called “Storm the Norm,” a clinic for young girls to learn the principles of lacrosse in a supportive environment.

Implementation of Project

Upon her return from Alzar School in December, Kelsey immediately contacted her school lacrosse coach who was fully supportive of her idea. Over the next four months, she was able to promote the clinic, contact the girls, and organize two successful hour long clinics for 15 middle school girls.  This success did not come without some challenges on the way, though. Kelsey found that timing, field space and weather were some issues for her project. However, she did not let this stop her from implementing her CLP.

“By creating this opportunity for them, we are helping raise a generation of empowered young women.”
– Kelsey Saunders

What’s Next?

In the future, Kelsey hopes to continue Storm the Norm up until she graduates Greensboro Day School in the Spring of 2018. She also hopes to form a club team in the fall as well and also include other girls from around the community.