The barn is getting closer…..

Alzar School | 16.03.12

Last week I went to Brundage and the outside temperature was 42 degrees. Days like that make it seem as though winter is winding down. However, days like today when the snow won’t stop falling, make it seem like winter is just getting started. That is usually the way it goes in Cascade. Every year or two there seems to be a week of warmer weather. Then, when least expected, the snow starts to pile up again. Of course, all us outdoor enthusiast are excited to get one last pow day in before the lifts stop moving in April.

The snow keeps falling and construction keeps going. I spent a couple days last week and the week before helping the construction crew insulate the barn. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the task of insulating, it’s very easy. It’s just a pain. It involves placing pillow-like fiberglass strips into the wood framing of the barn. I was itchy for most of last week, and still feel fiberglass remains embedded in my jeans. Regardless of the pain insulating caused me (really wasn’t that bad), it is exciting to see all the drywall going up. The second floor is drywalled, and the garage bays will be completed this coming week.

We will also start construction on Alzar’s bouldering wall in the next two weeks. If anyone is interested in helping out with the bouldering wall shoot me an email. The more hands there are helping the faster we all can start climbing.

A shout out to the Boise High Earth! Club for taking time this last Tuesday to rake up cheat grass at the Foothills Learning Center. Everyone did a great job. Remember to bring all that work ethic with you on April 21st when we start planting trees at the Alzar campus.

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The Barn!!!