The climbing holds are up and trees are in the ground. Thanks for everything Alzar

Alzar School | 01.05.12

The spring has flown by and my time as an Alzar School intern has come to an end. I remember standing before the empty space where soon a climbing wall would be, and visualizing the finished product. There is satisfaction in seeing the finished product and knowing that now, in addition to the whitewater park, there is a place for students to unwind after classes.

It’s also satisfying to see over 400 new native trees on Alzar’s campus! A big thank you goes out to Mary Dudley and the River Menders volunteer group for providing native plants and giving their time to volunteer. We planted Aspens, Ponderosa, Snowberry, and Dogwood, both along the road to the barn and along the river bank. Thank you to all our volunteers from Boise, Cascade, andMeridian. We could not have achieved what we did that day without all of you. Another big, BIG thank you goes to the American Canoe Association for granting Alzar School $1000 for campus restoration!

Restoring Alzar School’s campus to its former state before cattle grazed through it will be a long process, one in which students will benefit from this fall and years to come. Students will gain knowledge and experience in river restoration they can take back to their own communities.

I am now off to be a whitewater rafting guide on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Words cannot properly communicate how incredible and beneficial the experience with Kristin and Sean at Alzar has been. Truly remarkable things are happening at Alzar School in Cascade.



Pics: Climbing Wall & Tree Planting Day