The Game of Real Life

Providing short, easy to understand podcasts that teach important skills for life


Background Information

Kylee Wood was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but didn’t stay there for long. She’s lived in New Jersey, St. Thomas, and Switzerland, before settling in Virginia. Throughout her many different schooling experiences, she notices a lack of education opportunities that would benefit her in life. All the subjects that she was learning is school wouldn’t help teach her to succeed in life unless she was interested in pursuing that subject. Kylee wanted to change this, making everyone aware of the issue. She decided to make a podcast centered around life skills education. The goal of the podcast, “The Game of Real Life” is to provide short, easy to understand, podcasts that teach important skills for life as an adult.

“Our whole schooling system should be changed, something as small as raising awareness can help start the process.” – Kylee Wood

Implementation of Project

Kylee talked with her friends, teachers, and administrators about what they wished they would have known before leaving for college. Using this information, she picked four topics to base her podcasts off from: lifestyle, independent living, finance, and education. Once this was done, she found experts in her community and reached out to them asking for interviews and insight into each of the topics. After interview her subject, she created short, ten minute podcasts that fit into each subject. Then she released them to the public and aimed them towards her classmates hoping they too could learn about these important skills.

“I chose podcasts as a platform because it provides a short explication that and you can enjoy them anywhere.” – Kylee Wood

Results of Project

Kylee has seen the effects of her project through the students that listened to her podcast. They now know more about what to expect in life. Many parents commented about how Kylee’s project not only helped their children learn how to thrive, but gave them as parents a newfound appreciation for life skills education.

“My project was designed not only to help, but to educate about the importance of life skills education. If you take anything away from the podcast, it should be the importance of life skills education.” – Kylee Wood

What’s Next

Kylee will graduate from Hampton Roads Academy in spring of 2021 and is hoping to pursue her love for education and biology in college. Kylee would like to continue to create podcasts throughout her senior year, and use the podcast as her senior project to further spread the word at her school and others in her area.