The Orphanage, by Hannah

Alzar School | 08.01.12

On Monday the 2nd, we all traveled into the town of Curico and to the local orphanage.  First, we went inside and each of us got to hold one of the smaller babies for a while. I held a little boy named Jesus until he almost fell asleep. We tried to make each of them laugh as we held them. Then we got to play with some of the older ones before leaving for lunch. Later on in the day we went back and painted one their school rooms blue and white, along with some of their high chairs. At the end, we were all covered in blue paint for the next two days, but it was worth it. We will be going back in the next few days to see them again and hopefully finish painting the chairs.  Going there and helping those kids have a happier day was and extremely rewarding experience for me, and I can’t wait until we go back to see them again.