The Plural of Sheep is…Sheep, and Other Lessons from Fundo Panguilemu.

Alzar School | 20.02.19
Last week, soon after arriving in Coyhaique, Chile, students took a field trip to Fundo Panguilemu. A beautiful landscape of grazing fields lined with stunning mountains in the Aysen region of southern Chile this fundo, or country estate, specializes in sustainable and responsible farming practices. 
Students touring sheep wool drying facility at el fundo.
While there, students toured the property and learned more about the agricultural practices that sustain this part and much of Chile. They saw the ways in which sheep wool is sheared, cleaned and processed. They met a flock of free-ranging chickens and sang the Sound of Music while running through the fields.  More than one student noted that this was real life – not a scene from a Holywood Movie.  It was a wonderful way to stretch our legs and take in the landscapes after the long travel days down to Patagonia.
Free-ranging students and chickens.
As our community settles into what they will call home for the next five weeks, they are not only immersed in a new environment but a new culture and way of life. Through their conversational challenges with Chilean and visits to sites like the fundo, students will gain a new appreciation and understanding of a world and culture far different than their own.