The View is Great, by Molly

Alzar School | 17.01.12

Following the Asado, we went into the upstairs living room to listen to Maria Jesus (one of our hosts’ daughters) play the guitar. When asked about her favorite singer, she automatically replied, “Avril Lavigne,” who is also very popular in the United States. She began strumming her guitar to the tune of one of Avril’s new songs and Maggie, Hannah, Alex, and I sat on the ground in front of her and started to sing along. Maria Jesus pulled out a folder of her music sheets and we began having an impromptu karaokee party at 12:30 in the morning. Alex and I got really into the songs, adding our own melody and hand motions. We did everything from Happy Ending to Keep Holding On.

The guests from the Asado were in the kitchen shaking their heads and laughing at the crazy gringas who were trying so hard to stay on key. After a couple more songs, Sean came back into the room to tell us that we would need to wrap it up so we could go to sleep. He then fled to another room where he wouldn’t have to witness yet another song butchered by us. After careful consideration, we chose The Climb by Miley Cyrus to be our finale. It was the perfect choice to end our last night in Chile, showing us that after all the hard work and effort we put in over the last three weeks, the view is great.