The World Awaits in Chile

Alzar School | 08.02.18

And they’re off! The air is buzzing around the Alzar School Idaho campus as students and staff prepare for their six-week adventure in Chile. Starting today, we will travel over 6788 miles to southern Chile were students will have the opportunity to stand in awe of the Andes mountains, paddle along the glacial waters of the Rio Baker and converse with native Mapuche villagers. For many, Chile is the crowning experience at the Alzar School. However, getting 32 students and 17 staff half-way across the world takes immense preparation, packing and patience.

Before coming to the Alzar School, as parents can attest, students are required to fulfill an extensive packing list. This list becomes even more refined as we prepare for the expedition and remoteness in Chile. Students are held accountable for packing their personal items. Despite a detailed Chile packing list, there are always questions and choices to be made. Do I need another base layer? Should I bring this hoodie or this fleece? On top of carefully packing personal items, students also help with the communal packing of gear which is even further complicated by the need to consolidate airplane baggage. Although the headaches of packing can be exhausting, the wave of excitement for Chile and the adventure ahead courses through the student body. Buen viaje!