Up to the Ottawa, again!

Alzar School | 11.08.08

Hello all! Kristin and I are reporting from the fantastic Ottawa River, in Ontario/Quebec Canada. We drove up with our friend & co-worker Alex Garella. We busted out a quick 17 hour drive up from Charlotte, making a quick stop by the ASCI Whitewater park in Western Maryland. We had planned to paddle there, but the “river” shut off too early. We plan on hitting it up on our way south, though.

Anyway, the Ottawa is much higher than what we remember from two years ago. To give you a little perspective, the gauge in 2006 read something like -1 feet. Today it is at around 14 feet. We did a quick paddle this afternoon, finding many of the waves to have disappeared completely, others to have become big and bouncy. We searched for the infamous “Buseater” wave, but got lost and ended up playing at McCoy’s for a while.

We’ll definitely be posting more from this trip later this week, so keep tuned in.

– Sean