Winter planning and upcoming Yellowstone trip

Alzar School | 04.02.09

Well, the Alzar School is back in the United States after a very successful “Adventure in Mexico” expedition. Sean is back at Boise High School, teaching away, and Kristin has begun a new semester in her MBA program. Our school focus has shifted towards preparing for the amazing summer program we are offering, “FLOW 2009.” We admitted our first two students yesterday, and have several other students in the application process. We expect a great group of students for this program.

Even before that, the Alzar School is supporting the T.R.E.E. Club of Boise High School in its yearly trip to Yellowstone National Park. “T.R.E.E.” stands for Teens Restoring Earth’s Environment. This club, sponsored by Erik Quissell (one of the Alzar School’s Advisory Committee members) engages high school students in projects to better our local environment. They visit Yellowstone in an effort to learn about wolves and the amazing geology of that National Park. Both Kristin and Sean will serve as instructors/chaperones/leaders of this year’s trip, which will be taking place over Presidents’ Day weekend. We’ll be sure to fill you in on that trip.

For now, here are some photos from the Adventure in Mexico expedition to satiate your appetite for Alzar School happenings. Remember, if you are interested in joining on our summer course, FLOW, apply soon!