Zoe’s Blog #2

Alzar School | 04.07.09

So I’m really excited about tomorrow because it’s the 4th of July and we’re staying in this phenomenally beautiful campsite, and we’ve made a really cozy settlement. The views are pretty amazing, so hopefully we’ll get a good fireworks show.

Other than tha, I’ve been eating a lot of fruit/new foods and working a lot on rolling and I have FINALLY got it down. I even managed a combat roll on the Main Fork of the Payette. This was the second time we’d done this stretch but I’m really glad that we did because it is so much fun and accommodating for a beginning/intermediate kayaker like myself.

We have two more nights at this site on the Payette, and then two days on the Snake River. I’m quite excited to see what the leaders-of-the-day have in store for the group. That’s always an adventure in itself!