Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

You belong at Alzar School.

You belong at Alzar School.  If you are looking for a community that celebrates all of its members and embraces a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, then Alzar School is the place for you.  Explore Idaho and Chile, in an inclusive and supportive community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At Alzar School, we believe that small, engaged, and inclusive communities provide the best environment to foster the growth and development of future leaders. As a school that travels the globe and brings students together from many states and countries, we know that authentically engaging with other cultures is a fundamental part of the learning process for our students.  We acknowledge that the work of anti-racism is essential and that Alzar School, by no means perfect, has many strides to continue to make when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We welcome our constituents’ questions, comments and suggestions (those are invited to be sent to dei@alzar.org).

The cultural exchange that is inherent within our programming is not limited to the school’s time in Chile, but rather extends to the entirety of the semester experience. We know that leadership within a globalized world requires frequent and meaningful engagement with diverse groups, experiences, and perspectives.

We are committed to creating a school culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. To achieve this outcome, Alzar School is making sustained efforts to promote diversity within all levels of the organization. These endeavors are significant, complex, and will take time to fully implement. Although independent schools and outdoor programs have historically been white and privileged spaces, it is clear that this context is changing. Recognizing the significance of this moment and the importance of this work, Alzar School will strive to actively welcome students, families, and community members from all backgrounds.

Alzar School will continue to recruit and support students and families of diverse backgrounds. Moreover, we will continue to invest in scholarships for those in need of financial support. We will seek to provide adequate resources to all students and families, helping to ensure that every member of the Alzar School community has an equitable experience. Faculty and staff will engage in ongoing education, ensuring that we continually increase our own cultural competency. School administration will seek to attract and retain a more diverse faculty and staff, understanding that this is an essential aspect of creating an inclusive school environment.

Alzar School’s mission is “to build leaders who positively impact the world.”  Creating an environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive is essential to our success in this endeavor.

Hear one student's experience: Michael

Memphis, TN

Michael attended the Spring 2016 semester at Alzar School.  He is now studying at Bowdoin College in Maine, where he is majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in Physics.  He enjoys playing on the rugby team.

Hear from Chilean students: Maria Jesus y Pedro


Every semester has benefited from having one or more Chilean students fully participating in the program, both in Chile and in Idaho.  Maria Jesus and Pedro attended the Spring 2015 semester.

How Alzar School supports diversity, equity, and inclusion:

To promote an equity of experience among participants of Alzar School’s program, the school has made a substantial investment in providing all students with high-quality outdoor gear and educational technology, among other essential items. It is the school’s aim to ensure that access to equipment is not a barrier to student learning during the semester.

To continually increase the cultural competency of our faculty and staff and to align the school with best practices in education, Alzar School regularly engages in professional development regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. The school has also established a diversity, equity, and inclusion advisory committee that provides advice and guidance to the school.

Alzar School is committed to attracting, supporting, and retaining diverse faculty and staff members. To promote diversity within hiring, Alzar School is actively expanding the reach of its job postings and is engaging in anti-bias training for hiring committees.  Additionally, the school has created employment opportunities for its alumni, which allows them to showcase the leadership enhanced by studying at Alzar School.  We encourage applicants to view our Employment Opportunities page to learn more about working with Alzar School and to apply online.

Alzar School is committed to expanding its admissions and outreach efforts to communities that may benefit from an invitation into this unique experience.  Beyond visiting new schools every year, the school sends information to thousands of schools around the country and has developed relationships with sending organizations that help identify and encourage candidates who might never have considered a semester program before.  The admissions team is also committed to supporting applicants throughout the admissions process, helping them understand and navigate the steps required to enroll.  Finally, Alzar School intends to provide financial aid and support to as many students from diverse backgrounds as possible.  Historically, more than 35% of families receive some direct financial aid each year , with a median award size of $15,000.  We provide approximately 35% more financial aid than independent schools around the country and the total financial aid we offer continues to increase.  Beyond that, because generous supporters have contributed to build our two amazing campuses and provide other essential assets without debt, every student’s experience has been supported.  In other words, every Alzar School student has received financial support from donors.

Alzar School is engaged in efforts to make our curriculum and campus less gender binary and more inclusive for all students.  We encourage applicants of all gender identities to consider a semester or program at Alzar School.

Through both academic and community life curriculum, Alzar School continues to provide students with a curriculum that celebrates diversity, assesses growth equitably, and promotes a common language of inclusion.  “Cultural Exchange” is one of the school’s Six Foundations, and by bringing students from across the world together, we provide opportunities for students to learn from many different cultures.

Meet our DEI Committee

This team of individuals, comprised of alumni, parents, volunteers, board members, and staff, works to examine Alzar School practices to ensure we are providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all community members.

Our Alumni in Action

During a semester at Alzar School, students develop a Culminating Leadership Project (CLP) to demonstrate their leadership in their home community.  Many students choose to design and implement projects that aim to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their towns, schools, and communities.  Here are a few of our alumni CLPs.